Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

A few people have asked some great questions, so I wanted to
send out answers to everyone.

First, a few wanted to know if our troop will be Girl Scout
Daisy or Brownie. Until January, our troop will be Girl
Scout Daisy and then we will graduate the whole troop to
Brownie in January. This allows us to get the new girls
integrated into the troop and accommodate the multiple
grades we have in our troop.

A few of the girls (and mom's) wanted to know about the
uniform. We leaders are very frugal (ha ha!) and did not
want to make the new girls buy the Daisy uniform for only a
few months between now and January. So we decided that from
October to January, we will create matching troop t-shirts
that the girls will wear to meetings and activities. They
are light blue and the girls will decorate them (and maybe
sign them!) at our first troop meeting. We thought the
troop t-shirts were an easy, fun, and affordable way to keep
the girls matching until January. Then come January, we
will graduate the entire troop to brownies and each girl
will purchase a Brownie uniform.

** If anyone has fabric markers or permanent markers they
can donate to our project, we need them for the girls to
decorate the new troop t-shirts! Please bring to the first
meeting. Thanks! **

A few parents have asked about the new members of our troop.
We are so excited to have 3 new girls joining us plus we
have received a few other inquiries. If you have a
friend/neighbor that might be interested we can accommodate
1-2 more girls, but we would like to keep the troop size
under 15 if possible. If someone is indeed interested, you
can give them my name/number/email and I can talk to them
about our troop and program.

Another popular question we received was about cookie sales!
Our troop will be participating this year in the cookie sale
this January!

We will have more detailed information in the next few
weeks, but we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday,
October 2nd from 1:00 - 300 PM.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Fall Update

We hope you are having a great back to school month! We
will be starting Girl Scouts soon and I wanted to share some
basic information with you.

Our first meeting will be:

Saturday, October 2nd
1:00 - 300 PM

130 Stafford Road
Colonia, NJ 07067

A parent/guardian for each girl should plan to stay for the
first 15 minutes of the meeting to get troop information,
review the schedule, complete outstanding paperwork, etc.

In addition to troop meetings, we are trying to plan lots of
great activities for the girls this year. We'll share that
information and schedule once it is ready.

Between now and the first meeting, please get the following

#1 - Registration forms and dues

To register for Girl Scouts, complete the form (link below),
print 2 copies, and bring it to our first meeting with the
$12 dues. Girl Scouts requires $12 annual dues per child
for registration. Please note - you can fill in the
registration form right online (fill in the required
information and click print (lower right side) however
registration forms must be submitted in a paper copy only.
We cannot accept an emailed version at this time.

#2 - Troop Fees

Our troop will be collecting $10 per girl to put towards
supplies, special patches, projects, etc.

#3 - Water and small snack for each meeting

Our meetings are 2 hours this year, so please send your girl
to each meeting with a water bottle and a small snack. No
candy please.

We will have more detailed information in the next few
weeks, but we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday,
October 2nd from 1:00 - 300 PM.