Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cookie Booth - a success!

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their hard work at
the cookie booth today. I really think the girls did great,
and so did the mom's :) Special thanks to Dawn for doing so
much of the work and prep for this cookie booth. We could
not have done it without her, so THANK YOU DAWN!

As for how we did, Dawn estimates that we sold 82 single
boxes, 5 boxes for the troops, and 33 boxes in the bundles
which comes to a grand total of about 120 boxes of cookies!
Nice job everyone!

If anyone took pictures from today, please upload them to
our photo site. I just uploaded a few of mine and there are
a few cute ones of the girls and their mom's :) Take a

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January Updates, cookie sale, and uniforms

Hi everyone. We all hope that you had a great Christmas
holiday and that 2011 is treating you well! We wanted to
provide a few updates on key activities for this winter.

NOTE: Our next meeting is on January 22nd from 1-3pm.

The big news is the upcoming Girl Scout cookie sale! The
cookie sale runs Jan 20th through March. Each girl will
sell cookies to earn money for our troop, and they can
individually earn prizes based on how many boxes they sell.
If a girl sells a minimum of 12 boxes, she earns a patch for
her uniform. More information to come but you can start
talking to your friends and family now. Just keep in mind
that when you are taking orders, you will take pre-orders
and collect the cash. The buyers will receive their boxes
of cookies in two weeks or less. The price is $3.50 per box
and our troop keeps 25% of the money raised - which is great
for our girls and maybe an end of year party or activity!
Devin's mother Dawn is our "cookie manager" so if you have
any questions she is your best point of contact. At our
next meeting on January 22nd parents are asked to stay for
the first 30 minutes to hear about the cookie sale, get the
paperwork, and sign the permission slips done for their
girls for the Cookie Sale. Dawn will also go over the
basics on what is needed, answer questions, etc. Thank you
Dawn for being our troop "cookie manager".

Next up is our "cookie booth". A popular way to sell Girl
Scout Cookies is at a public cookie booth. For example - at
a grocery store, bank, etc. Our NJ service unit has setup
the cookie booth dates and times, and our troop was assigned
the Walgreens on Inman Avenue in Colonia on Sunday, January
30th from 4-7PM. We are asking that each girl sign up for 1
hour to staff the cookie booth. A parent must stay with
them at all times. The cookie booth will be inside. We
will have a table, banner, the girls will wear their
uniforms, and the public will be able to buy cookie boxes
(not pre-orders, real boxes of cookies). To sign up for a
time slot for the cookie booth, please email Dawn your
preferred time. Pick 4-5PM, 5-6PM, or 6-7PM. Again, we are
asking that each girl sign up for 1 hour to staff the cookie

Lastly, in January the girls will officially be Girl Scout
Brownies. We will add a Brownie sash to their current blue
t-shirts for their uniform. To make it easy on the parents
and make sure no one gets the wrong items, Keri is going to
get all of the sashes and required "stuff" to go on them.
In addition, we are going to have our troop number and each
girl's name embroidered to her sash for a nominal fee of an
ex-girl scout leader :) (instead of sewing on numbers and
letters!) Keri will be buying for all of our current troop
members, so if there is any reason you will not be
continuing for the winter/spring please let us know ASAP so
Keri does not buy you a uniform. We expect the uniform to
cost about (give or take) $20 per girl and some patches and
program materials to cost approx $10 per girl.

If you have any questions, please let us know. If you have
specific questions about the cookie sale, an email address
for Dawn Scalise is