Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great job reading at Saint Joseph's Senior Home


I just wanted to send a note and say that I thought everyone
did such a great job at Saint Joseph's Senior Home - again!

I love, love, love listening to the little conversations
between the girls and the seniors :)

I also thought the girls did quite a nice job reading.
Reading in public is not easy to do in general, but reading
to a group of strangers, in a loud room, with "challenged"
hearing is even harder. I was very impressed with our

Sister Z left me a vmail at home already tonight to thank
us. She just raved about the girls and how polite they
were. She said she loves to see children in the residence
home and cannot wait for us to visit again. Sister also
commented (yet again!) about the cute yellow shirts and how
"well dressed" the girls all were. Ker - nice job on those
shirts - we are getting a ton of compliments this year ;)

Next meeting is this Saturday 5/5 from 1-3 at Microsoft. We
have fantastic guest speakers coming to talk about fashion
design and graphic design. The girls will "create" outfits
and do a fashion show. If a parent can stay for the first
15 minutes on Saturday, I'd like to review the rest of the
calendar and the process to purchase tickets to the 100th
anniversary party.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Colonia Easter Festival and Bonnet Parade

We hope everyone had a great time at the Colonia Easter
Festival and Bonnet Parade!