Monday, December 9, 2013

Girl Scouts Blanket Permission Slip

Hi everyone. In talking with the Girl Scout council, we are
required to keep a blanket permission slip on file for all
girls in our troop for our REGULAR meetings for the
2013-2014 school year. To make this easy to complete and
keep on file, we are allowed to create the permission slips
online with a tool called Survey Monkey. Please take 2
minutes to complete this online permission slip for your
daughter ASAP. If you have multiple daughters in the troop,
you need to complete this once for each of them. (Example -
Lisajoy x2, Teresa, x2, Michelle x2, Lisa x3).

Online Permission Slip Link:

The password for the permission slip is our troop number 81423.

Also, we will need to start doing online permissions slips
also for each time we are meeting in a place other than
Microsoft or Merrill Park. Not my rule :) So online
permission slips will be sent for field trips and events in
the future starting in January 2014. Thank you in advance
for your help in getting these online permission slips
completely quickly! Thank you!