Thursday, May 29, 2014

Save the Date / Aladdin this Fall

Hi everyone,

We are working with Disney EARLY to secure tickets for
Aladdin for the Fall for our GS troop. Yes, we are already
planning for the Fall! Great news! Please save the date
for Saturday 11/15/2014 at the 8:00PM show. More info to
come next school year but please save the date.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Girl Scouts - Looking ahead

Hi everyone,
We hope everyone had a great time at the Blue Man Group
show - my kids LOVED IT!!!!!

We wanted to share an update on our volunteers and troop
responsibilities. Although she will continue to be one of
our key crafty moms, Erica will be stepping down as a leader
next year. Thank you Erica for all you have done for the

Erica handled our troop accounting, so we are going to shift
around responsibilities. See below. Dawn will be taking
over troop accounting, so we are looking for someone to
volunteer to be our Cookie Mom for next year. This is a big
job that includes organizing our troop's orders,
distribution, and our cookie booth participation. If you
are interested in volunteering, please let us know. FYI our
Cookie Mom will need to be a registered Girl Scout adult
volunteer, so if we identify someone by June 1st we can
reimburse this volunteer's registration fee, along with the
girls' registration fees. If more than one person
volunteers, this is a job that a few people can help with.

Lisajoy - Meetings, Events, Communications
Dawn - Meeting support, Troop registration, Accounting,
Andrea - Meeting support, Nut Sale

In addition to the above, we are always looking for
volunteers to help organize some of our events or field

Thank you for a great year so far. We will see everyone the
weekend of June 6th.

If you are interested in being our troop Cookie Mom please
let us know.

Andrea, Dawn, Erica & Lisajoy

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leader meeting

Special thanks to Genna, Amanda, Adelina  and Isabelle for presenting at the Colonia/Iselin leader meeting tonight. They did a really great job!  Our girls talked about planning for their bronze award and the upcoming Dessert with Divas community service project. The other leaders really enjoyed it. Great job girls!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Girl Scouts - Dessert with Divas event info

Hi everyone. The Dessert with Divas event is just a few
weeks away. Exciting! Here are some outstanding items.

Attention girls grade 3 and up! Our troop will be
presenting their Bronze Award project Dessert with Divas at
the Leader's meeting this THURSDAY MAY 22ND at 7pm @ Iselin
Firehouse. If your daughter is available and can attend,
please let me know. This will be a quick 10 minute
presentation to share the event concept with the other local
leaders. Once I know who can attend, I will help the girls
prepare a little something to talk about. Please let me

The finale is a dance routine and bows to the song
"Applause". I sent the MP3 for everyone two weeks ago.
Please ask your girl to practice at home. Video link to
practice with

In case the video is not enough, Ashley will be hosting a
finale rehearsal for anyone that can attend on FRIDAY JUNE
6TH 4:30 to 5:30pm @ Verne Fowler. This is an extra
practice. We realize many of us work, however a few girls
have asked to have a rehearsal and this was the best time we
could find prior to the event with Ashley's schedule.
Please try to attend.

Please email me all music to be used at the Dessert with
Divas events - this includes songs for the vocal
performances. I'd like to have everything ready soon so we
can test it before the day of the event. For performances
with multiple girls, please ask one person to email me the
music file. Thank you!

I will be sending the music for the Cha Cha slide in a few
days. There are lots of different versions so I'll send you
the one we will be using.

We need your help to please follow-up with the
women invited to the event and ask them to RSVP in the next
few weeks. They can RSVP direct to Dawn (info on the
invitation) or if they RSVP to you, you should RSVP to Dawn
with the total number you expect to be attending so we can
begin to get a final headcount. This is important for
seats, food and drinks, thank you!

Thank you and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Andrea, Dawn, Erica & Lisajoy

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Monday, May 19, 2014

NJ Renaissance Faire Scout Promotion

Sharing promotion for NJ Renaissance Faire. This is an
activity scouts can do with their families, so our whole
troop doesn't need to go to participate in the promotion.

Girl Scouts - Blue Man Group trip

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that the troop trip to see Blue Man group is
this Saturday, May 24th.

3:30PM - Meet at Lisajoy's house (troop pictures!)
4:00PM - Bus departs
6:00PM - Show starts

Please have all children attending wear DARK BLUE.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Andrea, Dawn, Erica & Lisajoy

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dessert with Divas - Stella & Dot Fundraiser

Hi everyone,
We are hosting a fundraiser opportunity via Stella and Dot
for the Dessert with Divas event. 10% of total sales from
this fundraiser will get donated to the NICU project. The
day of the Dessert with Divas event attendees will be able
to shop and multiple raffles will be held. It is a great
way to support the NICU project. See attached for the
Stella and Dot fundraiser information. Your participation
is optional but we hope you will support this great cause.

Feel free to forward the attached flyer to the friends and
family you invited to the event. They can shop online or
the day of the event.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Andrea, Dawn, Erica & Lisajoy

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blue Man Group

Hi all
We had 2 people inform us that they are no longer able to go to Blue Man Group.  I am sending this out to see if you know anyone that would like to go. It would be 2 tickets for $85 plus $10 per person for bus. (The 2nd tix was paid for by the troop so u would be getting that for free). I would then refund the person who paid already.  First person who gets back to me with a confirmed yes i want them gets em !

Thanks Erica

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Girl Scouts - Register by June 1st to get reimbursed by our troop

Hi everyone,

As you know, we have been very fortunate to have troop funds
to cover the girls expenses for crafts, field trips, and
more. Our goal is to always use the money for the girls!
Girl Scout registration is $30 per year.

GREAT NEWS! The leaders have decided that anyone that
registers via Early Bird Registration for the 2015 school
year will be eligible to get their registration fees
reimbursed by our troop. That equals free Girl Scouts for
next school year :)

In order to get your fees reimbursed by our troop, you must
be registered by June 1st. No exceptions. You can register
at If you have any questions
or problems, you can call 856-795-1560 ext 288 or email

Shortly after June 1st we will confirm troop registration in
the online tool, and you will each receive reimbursement
from our troop (not Girl Scouts).

Please remember, this is only for our troop and something we
decided to do with our troop funds for our girls.

In addition, Girl Scouts (not our troop) is offering a free
"early bird" fun patch, so each girl will also receive this
patch once registered.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Andrea, Dawn, Erica & Lisajoy

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thank you from Mrs Decoite

Hi everyone,
Attached is the thank you note from Lori Decoite.  She called me overwhelmed with joy and appreciation.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Girl Scouts - Meeting this Sunday 3-5pm

Hi everyone,  Just a reminder we have our troop meeting this Sunday from 3-5pm at Microsoft.  The girls will be working with Ashley Vitale to finalize the lineup for the Talent Expo and create a "finale" act to the song "Applause" (so appropriate - right?).

Also, if your girl made SWAPs for the troop - great!  She can bring on Sunday or any future meeting (or any Girl Scout even in general).

If you will not be attending on Sunday, I promise to try to video the finale on my phone and share with you so your girl can practice at home.

Also, please remember to sign up for your items to bring to the event.  All girls in the troop are being asked to bring food and
drink items for the event.  For families with more than one
girl scout, please sign up for one item per girl.  To view
our sign up page, go to:

Thank you and see everyone on Sunday!