Friday, February 28, 2014

Girl Scouts - Meeting this Sunday and reminders

Hi everyone! A few reminders:

#1 - Meeting this Sunday March 2nd at Microsoft 3-5pm. If
you are not attending please let me know. RSVPs for not
attending are Annaliese, Gianna G, Christina, Kylie. Devin

#2 - All money and RSVPs due for trip to NYC to see Blue Man
Group this Sunday March 2nd. If you will not be at the
meeting, you can drop money off to Erica.

#3 - Dawn has a handful of boxes of cookies left to sell.
They are mostly Lemonades. If anyone is interested, please
talk to Dawn.

#4 - Hope everyone had a great time at the Father Daughter
dance. I am sure all of the girls looked beautiful! Please
do us a favor and post any pics you have of your girl and/or
from the dance to the troop site. If we do a slide show end
of the year it would be great to include these pics, but
they are on all of your phones and cameras :) So please
upload them for us. Individual shots, with her dad, group
pics, etc. It is very easy to do:

- Visit
- Right side click on "Troop Photo Gallery on Shutterfly"
- Upload pics to the album "2014-02-28 Father Daughter

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Girl Scouts - father daughter dance

Hi everyone. The Father Daughter dance is next Friday 2/28.
For those of you that have donations - thank you! They will
be used as door prizes by the DJ during the event. If you
could please drop off to my house by Wednesday 2/26 I would
appreciate it.

Dress code for the dad's is usually a shirt and tie. Some
do wear suits, but majority wear a shirt and tie.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Girl Scouts - Spring Schedule and NYC Trip Information

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we finished up the Spring
Schedule for Girl Scouts. Please see attached for a
schedule that gets us through the end of June!

Now that our Annual Cookie Sale is wrapping up, it is time
to plan our Spring trip for the girls as a reward for their
hard work! Troop 81423 will be paying the cost for our Girl
Scouts to go see the Blue Man Group in NYC! We are really
excited about this event. As many of you know, we tried to
get in to see Aladdin but it is a brand new show and tickets
were moving faster than we could keep up. So the Blue Man
Group looks like a fantastic option. We think the girls
will really enjoy it! Family, friends & siblings are
welcome to join us for $85 per ticket. A minimum of one
adult per girl is required to attend and purchase a ticket.
For more information about this amazing show, visit

Saturday, May 24th @ 8:00PM
Astor Palace Theater in New York City

Money for Blue Man group tickets can be brought to Erica
Pontoriero at 176 Stafford Road in Colonia. Erica (732)
580-0185 cell/text. Cash or Check made out to Troop 81423.
Order form and full cash payment must be received by March
2nd. We are paying for the Girl Scouts, you are only
responsible for the other adults/siblings/friends in your

Also, the troop's community service event "Dessert with
Divas" will be held on June 8th. The Juniors are doing the
planning and prep to earn their Bronze Award, but all girls
in our are expected to help out and participate in the
event. Each girl will be allowed to invite three special
women in their lives to the event. More details to follow,
but please save the date for Grandma's, Aunts, etc.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Girl Scouts - father daughter dance

Hi everyone. Just to close the loop on the father daughter
dance, thank you all for the payments. We have 15 girls out
of 18 attending - wow! Sounds like it will be a great time
for them. I will be turning in money tomorrow. Since we
have several families with more than one girl attending, I
am letting the dance organizers figure out our table
seating. Attire for the dad's is typically a suit and/or
shirt and tie. Most girls wear party dresses. Thanks again
for your prompt payments!