Sunday, May 25, 2014

Girl Scouts - Looking ahead

Hi everyone,
We hope everyone had a great time at the Blue Man Group
show - my kids LOVED IT!!!!!

We wanted to share an update on our volunteers and troop
responsibilities. Although she will continue to be one of
our key crafty moms, Erica will be stepping down as a leader
next year. Thank you Erica for all you have done for the

Erica handled our troop accounting, so we are going to shift
around responsibilities. See below. Dawn will be taking
over troop accounting, so we are looking for someone to
volunteer to be our Cookie Mom for next year. This is a big
job that includes organizing our troop's orders,
distribution, and our cookie booth participation. If you
are interested in volunteering, please let us know. FYI our
Cookie Mom will need to be a registered Girl Scout adult
volunteer, so if we identify someone by June 1st we can
reimburse this volunteer's registration fee, along with the
girls' registration fees. If more than one person
volunteers, this is a job that a few people can help with.

Lisajoy - Meetings, Events, Communications
Dawn - Meeting support, Troop registration, Accounting,
Andrea - Meeting support, Nut Sale

In addition to the above, we are always looking for
volunteers to help organize some of our events or field

Thank you for a great year so far. We will see everyone the
weekend of June 6th.

If you are interested in being our troop Cookie Mom please
let us know.

Andrea, Dawn, Erica & Lisajoy

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